Top Autumn Nail Polishes

Fall Nails Overview

Barry M Lychee

Barry M – Lychee

Essence Metal glam

Essence – Gold Digger

OPI Gauda Gauda Two Shoes

OPI – Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

Essie Smoking Hot

Essie – Smokin Hot

Essie Bobbling for Baubles

Essie – Bobbing for Baubles

Autumn is in full swing. The last couple of days it got really cold, windy and rainy and I didn’t feel like going outside, so I decided to clean out my nail polish stash, getting rid of products gone bad and getting re-familiar with some of the polishes hidden in the depth of my drawer. And look what perfect colours I found for fall time:

Barry M Gelly Hi-shine Nail Paint in Lychee (about 5 Euros): A lovely beige/nude colour for a clean and polished nail look. Barry M hit the nail with this one: While it is an unoffensive colour to wear in an office, it has still something interesting about it. Many nude colours are mixed with pink or flesh coloured undertones which can make my fingers look dead but this beige is perfect for my fair skintone. The texture is lovely as well. Creamy with lots of shine and you could get away with just one coat, if you are in a hurry. With a top coat it lasts really well, in fact I repainted after 7 days, just because of the growing gap between my nail bed and the colour. There was only slight tip wear, but no major chipping.

Essence Metal Glam in Gold Digger (about 2 Euros): This autumn Essence came out with the Metal Glam collection which consists of eye shadows, a highlighter, blush, nail stickers and polishes, lip glosses and eyeliner stickers. I bought the nail polish in Gold Digger, which as the name suggests, is a beautiful metallic gold colour with a hint of rose gold depending on the light. I’m not a big fan of metallic nail polishes in general, since they tend to be hard to apply and chip easily and this one is no exception, but the colour is just great! It applies quite streaky, but if you are careful and stick to even brush strokes, you will be fine. I recommend two layers for a less streaky look.

OPI in Gouda Gouda Two Shoes ( about 15 Euros): This polish was part of the Holland Collection from last year, but you can find it online e.g. on Amazon. It is a dark, brownish pink with slight gold shimmer running through – a wonderful autumn alternative to soft pinks and nude browns. To me this is a “my lips but better colour” for the nails. It is more on the runny side and I needed two layers to get it opaque. The lasting power was good, but in general Essie polishes tend to last better on my nails than OPI ones.

Essie in Smokin Hot (about 7 Euros): I’m sorry for the bad picture above, but the lighting was off, so you can’ t really tell that it is a very dark purple with a greyish tone. You can find great pictures on Sally’s blog here. I love this polish and use it a lot in autumn and winter, especially for going out in the evenings. Don’t you think that there is something special about polishes that look almost black but then the light changes and you glimpse its true colour? Even though the purple is more visible with just one layer, I recommend two coats to get it opaque and beautiful.

Essie in Bobbing for Baubles (about 7 Euros): Basically you could take my description of Smokin Hot and insert blue instead of purple. I totally adore blue on nails all year around, but in the darker months I am especially fond of dark ones like this one or muddy, greyish blues. Bobbing for Baubles reminds me of the night sky, a very clear dark blue bordering to black, perfect for everybody for whom black is just to stark. Just like Smokin Hot the lasting power is really great and this one is opaque in just one coat. I’m quite happy that Essie decided to bring out Bobbing for Baubles permanently in their diffusion line for drugstores here in Germany, because I just have a small bottle I got in a quad back in winter 2012 when it was launched. This is definitely a colour I will repurchased as soon as my little bottle is empty.

Do you have any suggestions for great autumn/fall polishes?

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